Some quick answers

What if I misplace my keys or lock myself out?

If you misplace your keys or lock yourself out call us and we'll arrange a new key for you. There's a small charge for this.

Who do I call for
noise control?

09 301 0101 call noise control (in the event of unreasonable noise)

Who do I contact for
emergency repairs?

09 376-3049 this number will connect you to an on-call staff member for out-of-hours emergency maintenance.

What happens if I don’t pay my rent?

If you are having trouble paying, we may be able to help. The first step is always to call or txt your tenancy manager and discuss your situation.



Quick Tip: gardening in pots 

If you don’t have anywhere to dig a garden you can still grow veges, herbs and flowers in pots. Here’s how:

  • Find or buy some clay plastic pots. Lettuce, herbs and flowers will grow happily in medium-sized pots, but tomatoes will need a large pot. TIP: A cheap bucket with holes punched in the bottom is perfect for growing tomatoes.

  • Potting mix – 1 large bag will be enough for a tomato plant and a few smaller pots for greens, herbs and flowers.

  • Fill your pots almost to the top, water the soil and make some holes with your fingers – as deep as the length of the roots of your seedlings.

  • Gently put the plants into the holes, filling in with the soil as you go. Plant as deep as the plants were in the box in which you bought them. Press down gently around the plant. Water your plants.


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