Good homes
for people
who need them




We recognise that our tenants are our greatest asset. Building a successful tenant-landlord relationship involves goodwill from both sides.

For us, this means we make sure your home is well maintained and is a safe and secure place to live. For you, it means taking good care of your home and being a considerate and helpful neighbour.

Our Tenants section will help you with any questions you may have about your tenancy and our services.


Community Housing

As a fundamental human right, New Zealanders should have access to a wide range of good quality, affordable housing. We are proud to be part of Aotearoa/New Zealand’s growing and vibrant community housing sector which aims to meet this challenge.

Community housing is not about building houses in isolation, it is about building resilient, cohesive and diverse neighbourhoods. To do this we focus on Partnerships with all of the stakeholders required to build great communities and increase housing supply. This includes tenants, whanau, neighbours, support agencies, other community housing providers, the private sector, local councils, and government.


CORT 30th Anniversary

2017 marked 30 years since CORT Community Housing began as an impulsive church project. CORT has now grown to become one of New Zealand's significant social housing providers.

To mark this occasion, CORT has published CORT Community Housing: 30 Years. This booklet captures the 30 year journey of CORT to provide homes for people who most need them.


CORT Community Housing (Community of Refuge Trust) is a registered community housing provider in Auckland.



CORT Community Housing now has more than 280 one and two bedroom units which are homes for over 400 people. CORT owns over 60% of these properties and manages the rest on behalf of private property owners. To provide more homes we are building more houses and will continue to partner with property owners. 


CORT Community housing aims to create great places to live; promoting the well-being of individuals and neighbourhoods. We do this by remaining engaged with our tenants, using community focussed planning and design, and employing people-centred tenancy and property management services.


As good and affordable housing is at the heart of what we do, CORT aims to play a strong role in advocating for a strong Community Housing Sector and for improved housing outcomes for all Aucklanders.