Peter Jeffries BBS

Peter has been involved with CORT Community Housing since it began in 1987 and was Trust Manager for the first five years, during which time he and his wife lived in a community house (a large seven-bedroom house), with a number of the trust’s tenants. He was Chairperson from 1998-2006. Peter has been CEO of CORT since 2008. He previously worked in the security sector, specialising in electronic security systems, managing his own company for eight years.

  Operations Manager:  Stephen Hart

Operations Manager: Stephen Hart

  Finance Manager:  Ayn Benitez

Finance Manager: Ayn Benitez

  Tenancy Manager:  Jade Thorne

Tenancy Manager: Jade Thorne

  Tenancy Manager:  Makinsie Baker

Tenancy Manager: Makinsie Baker

  Property Manager:  Michael O'Keefe

Property Manager: Michael O'Keefe

  Development Manager:  Julia Saunders

Development Manager: Julia Saunders

  Project Manager:  Neale Tate

Project Manager: Neale Tate

  Office Manager:  Elizabeth Joynt

Office Manager: Elizabeth Joynt



Board of Trustees


Chair: Sue Watson
PhD, MEd, BA, Dip Tchng

Skill area: Leadership and strategic development; government relations; developing and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders.

Sue is an experienced CEO and Director with a wide range of experience in the business, not-for-profit and education sectors.

She is skilled in working with both government and private sector stakeholders and in creating strong teams to drive growth and effectiveness. She has travelled widely in her professional roles and consulted on policy, research and education for a wide range of New Zealand and international organisations. Sue also brings a strong personal commitment to the work of CORT Community Housing and a desire to contribute to the growing social housing sector in New Zealand.


Treasurer: William Alexander
BE (Hons) Agric

Skill area: Management, research and development, operations, marketing

Bill is a company director and manager. He has a background in engineering, research, product development, operations, marketing and company management. Bill was involved in the original group which set up CORT Community Housing in 1987 and has maintained a close interest and involvement in the Trust over the years. Bill joined the board after returning from working overseas for 3 years. As well as his strong business background, Bill brings to the board personal hands on experience in property maintenance and construction, as well as a strong interest in “green” building and energy management.


Trustee: Jody Kilpatrick
BA, BTh, MTh

Skill area: Pastoral Leadership

Jody is the Minister of Ponsonby Baptist Church. She has been an ex-officio member of the trust since 2005. She brings skills and experience in guidance and pastoral care. Jody also represents an invaluable senior leadership church perspective to the board.


Co-op Trustee: Dr Graham Davison

Skill area: Health sector and knowledge of the Trust

Graham is a retired geriatrician who worked for 35 years for the Auckland District Health Board (ADHB). He was the first chairperson of the Trust (1988-1998) and is now a co-opted trustee. He brings knowledge of the history of the trust and a health perspective.


Trustee: Tony McNamara

Skill area: Strategy, IT Management

Tony is a partner in Proforma Group, in which he specialises in the alignment of ICT strategy with business strategy, with a focus on small to medium-sized law firms.

Tony has held senior IT management positions in the health, local government and the finance sectors.  He is also a member of the Institute of IT Professionals (IITP). Tony has previous involvement with many community groups, including sea scouts and local sports teams.


Trustee: Alex Duncan
BA (Hons)

Skill area: Finance, Financial Markets, Public Policy

Alex mixes active semi-retirement and part-time engagements with a variety of commercial clients. For 12 years until mid-2015, Alex held a range of senior corporate finance and strategy roles in Fonterra Co-operative Group. During that time, he was integral in initiating Fonterra’s inaugural financial risk management policies, the establishment of a global dairy auction and Fonterra’s issue of equity listed in New Zealand and Australia. Prior to that, Alex led the Corporate Finance practice of Andersen in New Zealand, was engaged in wide-ranging tax reform in New Zealand and the Pacific, and had significant involvement in the advent of the quota regime under which most of New Zealand’s fish stocks are managed. Alex is delighted to contribute as a Trustee and participate with others in CORT’s growing role in social housing.

John Deyell (157x200).jpg

Trustee: John Deyell 
BCom (Taxation and Accounting)

Skill area: Finance, Charitable Trust Management

John has a background in accounting and charitable trust management, having worked initially as the Finance Administrator and then as Coordinator for a Trust in Christchurch operating in the youth sector.

John works within the finance team of a large NGO operating in the mental health recovery sector. He brings with him his passion for finance, community development and trust governance.


Tenant Advisor: Zheyne Tahana

Skill area: Tenant perspective and knowledge

Zheyne brings the invaluable perspective of being a long-term tenant of CORT Community Housing to the board of Trustees. He finds it a joy to be involved in the decision-making and strategic direction of CORT community Housing.